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It starts with distribution.

Distribution services are the cornerstone of any health system pharmacy strategy. Product availability. Online capability. Order accuracy. The mark of distribution excellence is to be unmatched in all of these areas. Add unparalleled pharmacy tools and expertise and you have a partner rather than a vendor. 

Purchasing and managing inventory

Your pharmacy operations have to run like clockwork. Every dollar and hour saved is critical. Our extensive product portfolios, turnkey inventory management processes, cost containment tools, and pharmacist consultants are designed to keep your pharmacy business ticking.

Packaging and distributing medication

Your medication packaging and delivery process is a system-wide function. It requires a system-wide approach. We’re proud to be the only distributor with fully integrated technologies and analysis for the entire medication management and delivery system

Managing data and connectivity

Pharmacy can represent as much as 10% of a total hospital budget. When it comes to managing it, its good to have a partner with integrated, automated resources and proprietary analytics that help you stay on target. S

Extending patient care continuum

Expanded pharmacy services are helping hospitals extend patient care. Our expertise and technology position you to support improved outcomes after patient discharge.

Getting value.

Today’s shifting healthcare landscape makes it more critical than ever to get full value from every vendor. You need partnerships that understand these challenges and can help you navigate uncertainty.

Pharma Rush is different in critical ways.

We have a deep understanding of health system pharmacy operations. Our continuous study of distribution excellence and medication management means we are refining the art of service to health system pharmacies every day. Your pharmacy will continue to evolve. We’re committed to evolving with you.

Are you looking for this level of commitment to the health of your pharmacy and health system?